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Three years ago, the housing for priests, retired due to advanced age or illness, was inaugurated, with the intention of accompanying them in their old age.
The house is two stories high and currently houses 9 elderly priests, it holds appropriate spaces to attend to their spiritual, health and physical needs. It’s located in an area surrounded with nature, but also has easy access for any eventuality.

These priests have participated in our lives dripping with Christ’s grace, filling us with blessing, and there comes a time when, precisely because of it, because they devoted themselves fully to God, they are alone… But no! God is with them, and they relish here the eternal happiness awaiting them in heaven.

Because the community has grown and their needs increased, a support group for this priestly house is being formed. If you are interested in participating and collaborating to support them, please contact us at the 99 81 47 62 96 number, where you will learn about material and spiritual needs that must be fulfilled for a dignified retirement.

It’s your time to help. Your collaboration is important!

Ways to help?

-Monetary Donation
-Donation of Goods


A) Market basket: bread, cookies, sugar, rice, tea, Splenda, lentils, beans, oatmeal, milk, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables, cooking oil, pasta, pureé, tuna, cereals, paper towels, olive oil, mayonnaise, ground coffee, yogurt, ice cream, salt.

B) Infirmary products: antiseptic solution, non sterile latex gloves, pleated cotton, rubbing alcohol, sterile gauze 10x10 cm, adult diapers, large oxygen tank.

C) Toiletries: soap, tooth paste, shaving cream, shampoo, mouth wash, Kleenex, toilet paper.

D) Laundry products: laundry soap, fabric softener, chlorine.

E) Cleaning products: dish soap, Fabuloso, disinfectant and sanitizer, wire fiber, Scotch Brite fiber, 147,6 and 49,2 liters garbage bags.

F) Meat, fish, chicken, cheese and cold meats.

Thank you for your collaboration!

Name: Prelatura de Chetumal, A.R.
Account number: 6228563
Branch: 468
SWIFT for Banamex is BNMXMXMM
Interbank Key: 002691046862285638

If you would like to donate to the priestly retirement house, please let us know so we can thank you personally.

Priestly House

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