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We are an integrated humanitarian project unique in Mexico, made up of homes, attention centers and integrated services attended to by civil and religious organizations, professionals and volunteers, whose calling and mission is to serve the people in the community who need it most with love and joy.

Ciudad de la Alegría

In VIFAC they listen, help and train you so that you and your baby can have a better future.

Call for free at 800 362 22 07 or visit them at any of their 38 Attention Centers.

Vifac - Celebrating Life

We are Yoliguani House and for more than 25 years we have provided a home, love and understanding to women who don’t have where to live out their pregnancy, have been rejected from their homes, don’t have the support of a family or a partner or lack the coverage to cover their births.


We are here to listen, if you’re feeling confused, sad, anxious, we offer support. You are not alone! Feel free to send a WhatsApp to +52 1 998 428 8164.

Family Consulting / Emotional Support

For many years, the Church has been actively involved in humanitarian aid and development activities throughout the world. These projects consist of emergency disaster relief as well as humanitarian programs that strengthen the self-reliance of individuals, families and communities.

​The Church seeks to help as many as possible, thus fulfilling the mission that Jesus has entrusted to them.


​If you do not find what you need or want to communicate directly with us, click here: contact.

We are Here to Help

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