Premarital retreat

The objective of the prematrimonial course is preparing the couple, who will receive the sacred sacrament of marriage, in topics relating to family, conyugal life, the couples relationship and partner’s feelings, children in the home, sexuality, responsibilities as a couple, and more.

Date: (days listed on website have passed)

Schedule: 9 am to 9 pm

Donation: $600 MXN per person

Includes; lunch, coffee break and work material

Terms: sign up and pay the required donation to the Notary Parish at least 8 days before the retreat


The matrimonial formalities must be starters four months before the celebration’s date. (Without this requirement the wedding cannot be booked)

  1. Baptism Certificate updated for marriage (it’s valid for six months)

  2. Proof of Confirmation

  3. 2 pictures 3.5x5cm size or a 2.5x3 cm size (with color or black and white).

  4. Copy of official identification document (ID) for both bride and groom.

  5. Premarital lecture. In order to attend you must sign up beforehand and pay the corresponding donation (send an email to

  6. Settlement of the bride and groom in the Marriage File, three months before the wedding, at the latest. Submit two witnesses for each of the couple, no matter the relationship.

  7. Requirements for wake godparents: Copy of the religious Marriage Certificate and not living in sin (Canon Law of the Catholic Church. Canon 873-874).

Procedure for members of our congregation who wish to celebrate their marriage outside our parish:

  • They must do the procedure in our Parish Notary no later than three months before the date of its celebration, with the documents mentioned above.

  • It’s highly recommended that you reach out to the parish where you wish to celebrate your marriage and learn what requirements are and when they must be submitted by.

Weddings of parishoners belonging to other congregations who wish to celebrate their marriage in our parish or in one of our chapels.

  • They must process the permit in their parish and submit it two months before the wedding. A letter of Transfer, issued by the Diocese to which their parish belongs, copies of their updated Baptism Certificates, copies of their official identification documents (ID), copies of their birth certificates and proof of premarital lecture.

  • In order to book and set the date aside, we ask for 50% of the required contribution and for the celebration of the sacrament, the documentation and completed payment must be submitted one month prior to the celebration. *Remember that advances are non refundable.

Costs and Payment

Consult by contacting the Parish Notary.

In order to book and set the date aside, we ask for 50% of the required contribution and for the celebration of the sacrament, the documentation and completed payment must be submitted one month prior to the celebration. *Remember that advances are non refundable.



  • The celebration must start on time. If a delay affects the following ceremonies, the location may be changed or it may even be canceled.

  • The church is always open for its congregation, thus it cannot be closed due to private ceremonies.

  • Throwing objects (flower petals, rice grains, balloons, bubbles, etc.) is not allowed either inside or outside the church.

  • The church provides the kneelers and chairs placed in the sacramental step.

  • Placing either carpets or tents is not allowed.

  • The family must choose at least three people to perform the mass and petition readings , as well as a minimum of two people to collect alms.

  • So that the celebration takes place with the greatest decorum and dignity of the liturgy, proper clothing must be worn. Remember that we are in a sacred place.

  • The person who arranges the ceremony is responsible for any damage that may be caused to the church.


  • The cost of the ceremony doesn’t include flowers, but if you’d like floral arrangements it’s important to notify the office.


  • The cost of the ceremony doesn’t include music (choirs or singers). You may consult the options for choirs and singers in the office. If you choose to hire a choir or a singer outside of the church you must notify the office beforehand.

Pictures and Video:

  • Photographers cannot climb onto the presbytery (altar area).

  • Connecting to the enclosure’s electricity is not allowed.

  • Due to the dignity of the place, photographers must wear formal attire.

Steps to Reserve

  1. Contact the Parish Office to confirm availability.

  2. Make the corresponding payment.

  3. Send the payment receipt and the documents by mail.


It’s the sacrament where a man and a woman make and alliance of stable love. A union blessed by God to help each other, procreate and educate their children in the catholic faith.

Here you will be able to consult the documentation and preparation requirements to perform this sacrament.


To be decided according to the schedule. You can verify dates by contacting the office directly.


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